Fierce and Fabulous Mom

"I worked too hard to get here. Watch me!"

You always dress up & love makeup - it’s kinda a part of your lifestyle! Being a Mom has just made you more fabulous and fierce than ever before! You are driven and excel at anything you do! From PTA meetings to the life of the party- you're always there - front and centre!!!

When it comes to skincare & makeup you want the latest technology to age gracefully & love your makeup bold!


Age is Only A Number Elixir(latest in skincare technology because you always want the best for your skin!)

Eye Wonder 2.0 (An eye treatment to prevent/correct signs of aging, darkness and puffiness because you want your eyes to look their best- always!)

Kajal X Kolors( from the office to the party, this palette does it all- just like you!)

Liquid Lipstick (You like to be bold and these super matte colours are just that: BOLD & long lasting!)

Cleopatra eyeliner/Felt Tip Liner ( Easy to use liquid eyeliner, perfect for the boardroom and add a wing to the party Friday night)