1) Matte Crush Lipstick Pencil - Rosy Pout

What is it: A velvety lipstick pencil

What will it do for you: Best-selling lipstick pencil which is soft, smooth, velvety, and long-lasting. A creamy, rich formula for soft, lush, matte lips without the dry feeling! Hydrating ingredients will effectively moisturize your lips for flawless lips that stay on all day.

2) Hyaluronic Boost Lip Plumper - Metallic Shine

What is it: A glossy lip plumper that boosts the natural hyaluronic in your lips.

What will it do for you: Instantly enhances the appearance of your lips by making them appear smoother and fuller. After using it for 28 days you will notice more hydrated, youthful, and fuller lips with peptides and anti-aging ingredients. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and dehydrated lips.  Contains peptide technology that boosts collagen hydration: Maxi-Lip & Vollulip. Rich in oils such as raspberry, peach, jojoba oil