Is your exfoliator causing more harm than good?!

When I first learned about micro-tears(over 7 years ago), I immediately ran to my bathroom to read the ingredients of my exfoliator and to my shock my exfoliator at the time might have been doing more harm than good to my skin!

Now before you find yourself clamouring for your exfoliators, please carefully read this post! What are micro-tears? Tiny tears in the skin that are often invisible to the naked eye but much more visible under a microscope. These tears essentially damage the moisture barrier temporarily which can lead to dry, flaky, hyper sensitivity, redness. This type of damage in the long term can lead to premature aging, irritable skin and prolonged redness.

How do you get micro tears? Micro tears can happen for a number of reasons, one of the most common reasons are physical exfoliators that contain large, jagged, irregular shaped particles. When exfoliating with an exfoliator that contains harsh particles it can cause micro-tears as you’re scrubbing away dead skin cells.

How do you avoid micro tears? It’s simple. Chose the correct exfoliator! Exfoliation is key to healthy, glowing, youthful skin – forgoing exfoliation is not the solution. It’s best to use an exfoliator that has spherical micro crystals as opposed to plastic, jagged beads and look for exfoliators that contain ingredients that naturally exfoliate.

Which exfoliator should you use to avoid micro-tears? After tossing out my exfoliator all those years ago, I went on a hunt to find what would not only work wonders on my problematic acne prone, hyper sensitive skin but didn’t break the bank nor my skins moisture barrier! And thats when I landed on quite possibly the best exfoliator that I had ever tried: Vasanti’s Brighten Up Exfoliator! ( 7 years later, I must say, it was and is the best exfoliator)

Vasanti Brighten Up! Exfoliator is 99% natural, contains micro crystals that are completely spherical, will NOT scratch skin’s surface = no micro tears! Also, contains a natural exfoliant, papaya enzymes, which meant even on the most sensitive areas of my skin with active breakouts I can leave a layer of the Brighten Up! Exfoliator and it will naturally exfoliate without having to physically rub the exfoliator on my skin. Also made with aloe(amazing for sensitive skin), and coconut, leaving skin radiant but also soft to the touch and comfortable!

Vasanti’s Brighten Up! Exfoliator, $34

Vasanti’s Brighten Up! Exfoliator did a great job gently unclogging pores, clearing my acne prone skin and brightening! All the benefits of an incredible exfoliator without any of the damage! I was hooked and still am, in fact there are over 250,000 people who have left positive reviews for this skin changing exfoliator!

Ok now that you’ve read my post, you can go ahead and investigate the exfoliator you do have, when in doubt Vasanti’s Brighten Up! Exfoliator will never steer you or your skin wrong!