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Is colour corrector the same thing as concealer?

A colour corrector is not the same thing as a concealer however there are colour correctors that serve as both a concealer and a colour corrector. 

A colour corrector neutralizes the appearance of discolouration using colour theory. The colour of corrector is determined by looking at the colour wheel – the colour you’d like to correct is found on the opposite side of the colour wheel.  Some of the most common colour correctors are: purple, orange, green and yellow.

Simple steps for camouflaging dark under-eye circles?

First, Use colour corrector to neutralize areas of discolouration 

Second,Use concealer if needed to cover up areas of discolouration that the colour corrector was unable to do so alone.

Third, Apply liquid or powder foundation all over your face, going over areas you have colour corrected/concealed 

Finally, use a setting powder to set your makeup by lightly dusting powder all over your face. For a more bright eye look, use a baking powder underneath your eyes to brighten eye area.

What are the steps for hiding a blemish using a concealer?

Step 1: Using your finger tip or concealer brush, pick up some of the concealer on finger or brush

Step 2: In a stippling motion, apply concealer on top of blemish – be sure to be gentle and tap it into skin

Step 3: If more is needed, repeat steps 1 and 2.


How do you know when you need a concealer over a corrector, or both?

The right level of coverage depends on what you are wanting to conceal/colour correct. If you find yourself with a scar/pigmentation that is much deeper than your skin tone its best to pair a concealer and colour corrector together for optimal results (or you may find a concealer/colour corrector in one to skip the extra steps)

If your area of concern isn’t as large or dark in colour (especially the contrast between your skin and makeup) its best to select a light weight concealer.

Is too much concealer making me appear cakey?

Applying too much is a common mistake when it comes to applying concealer especially when the area of concern is large or deeper in tone. It’s best to pair with a colour corrector that neutralizes the area you wish to conceal and then apply concealer on top for a more natural finish. Applying layers and layers of concealer can make your makeup appear cakey.

Product Recommendations:

Liquid VO2(Dark circle eraser) – orange colour corrector, 2-in-1 Colour Corrector/Concealer

Liquid VO2 is an orange colour correcting concealer that will instantly erase the appearance of dark circles for warm to medium skintones.

Orange Colour Corrector: best for medium to deep skin tones with deeper discolourations that may be various shades of brown. Orange neutralizes dark circles, hyper pigmentation, uneven skin tone.

How it works: It erases the appearance of dark circles by using orange to colour correct and conceal any dark shadows. Simply apply this product on your dark circles, and apply your preferred foundation or powder on top as you normally would to finish and set the look! 

What will it do for you: 

  • Instantly removes appearance of dark circles
  • Built in concealer for optimal coverage
  • Will prevent your dark under eye circles from showing through your makeup
  • Will look natural, feel weightless, and mimic skin
  • Quick, easy-to-use and effective
  • Makes you look brighter and awake

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Lotus Brightening Powder

Lotus Brightening Powder (Available in 3 shades, 100 volts/200 volts/300 volts) – set makeup and bake underneath eyes for bright eyes!

What is it: A soft loose powder made to brighten the skin underneath your eyes and blur the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles.  

What will it do for you:

  • Instantly brightens underneath the eyes 
  • Minimize appearance of fine lines/wrinkles 
  • Prolongs makeup wear 
  • Sets makeup for a flawless finish 
  • Absorbs excess oils 
  • Will not crease! 
  • Non-ashy 

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