Racoon Eyes⁉️

It’s your night to go out and let loose. You’ve picked your outfit, teased your hair to the heavens and your makeup absolutely perfect! You leave your house looking flawless, get in your Uber, arrive at your destination and eventually end up in the ladies room. You look in the mirror expecting to see a flawless complexion and to your disappointment all you see are dreaded RACOON EYES! Your eyeliner is smudging, fading, all over your eyes! How could that happen?! Well sis, this has pretty much happened to every one of us – including me!

So how does one avoid those dreaded racoon eyes – it’s simple you need Vasanti’s Kajal Waterline! Quite simply the hero your eyes have been waiting for to rescue you from your own version of Gotham aka racoon eyes .

Why Vasanti’s Kajal Waterline? It is an award winning eyeliner for a reason!

  • Will not smudge even for the most watery eyes 
  • Glides on smoothly without scratching eyes
  • Safe for sensitive eyes(ophthalmologist tested)
  • Super pigmented 
  • Smudge Proof 
  • Vegan, Paraben Free, Never tested on animals
Kajal Waterline Eyeliner $19

The most stunning colours and creamy formula – pretty much everything you’ve asked for in an eyeliner it’s hard to pick just one! Full disclosure I now own every single colour !