Tips For Smokey Eyes To Glossy Eyes

Eyeshadow can be tricky especially if it’s your first time attempting something other than one colour all over your eye lid. Here’s a simplified way of getting a refined Smokey eyeshadow look using just three colours. 

You’re going to need 3 colours of eye shadow. Pick a deep tone like a deep brown/grey/burgundy hue, a highlighter colour that is light and shimmery and a neutral colour like a soft pink, light brown  etc. The goal is to diffuse all of the colours together to create dimension. Before we get started brushes are a MUST! The trick to a seamless smokey eye is using eyeshadow brushes that help blend the look together. 

  1. Apply the neutral colour all over your lid as the base 
  2. Next, apply the deep tone only in the crease starting from the outer corner of your eyes to about a third of your eye. Best practise for application is to blend, blend, blend and blend some more to avoid harsh lines. This can be done by applying colour while using a circular motion buffing the colour in crease.
  3. Finally, apply the light colour just above the crease of your eyes starting from your inner eye extending all the way to edge. Also, to define your brows you can apply this colour right underneath your brows along the brow line. This ads a balancing act of bringing the two mid and deep tones together in perfect blended harmony. 

Voila, a seamless Smokey eyeshadow look that only takes 5 minutes to create! 

Vasanti’s Kajal X Kolors

Vasanti’s Kajal X Kolors is the perfect eyeshadow palette for all skin tones to create multi-dimensional smokey eyes to everyday eyeshadow looks. The eyeshadow palette is highly pigmented and super easy to blend for the novice to the expert.

Eye shadow as liner 

You can create an eyeliner using your eyeshadow with a thin eyeliner brush. Here’a how you do it:

  1. Pick a deep hue of eyeshadow, coat your eyeliner brush thoroughly with pigmented eyeshadow.
  2. Make sure your eyelids are coated with primer before application(this will ensure your eyeliner sticks and holds to eyelid)
  3. Keep your brush close to your lash line, use short strokes along lash line blending colour into lash line.
  4. Keep your hands steady for a clean straight eyeliner, and if you’re feeling a cat eyeliner, at the end of your eye flick brush slightly upwards towards end of brow.

Vasant Stubby Contour Eyeshadow Brush 601

The right tools are key to creating your favourite eyeshadow looks, this one brush will do all your simple to complex applications:

How to nail a glossy eye

We all love that glossy wet look that makes eyeshadow looks come alive, its simple, here’s how:

  1. Pick a shimmery colour that is light in tone 
  2. Use your finger to pick up the shimmery colour and apply it to the middle of your eye, pick up more colour if necessary to apply a second coat
  3. Make sure that  you apply the colour on top of your completed eyeshadow look for the perfect glossy look!

Keeping eyeshadow on all day

One word: primer! 

Eyeshadow primers are key to keeping your perfectly curated eyeshadow in place all day long without fading. Throughout the day your eyelids can excrete excess oils that can make them look greasy. Before you apply your eyeshadow be sure to apply a thin layer of primer all over your eyelid starting from the brow bone to the outer edge of the eye.

Vasantis Baby Face Primer, creates a grip like hold that ensures makeup last days all day without creasing especially around the eyes!  The primer is a transparent colour which maintains integrity of colour makeup.